Dr. Mary Oliver, PSc.D, NDM, MA is the founder of Open Heart Ministry and has a  burning passion for transforming lives by helping people achieve their truest potential. She has over 30 years of experience in pastoral and professional counseling, coaching, and Christian leadership. She is an author, speaker and a revealer of God’s heart. Mary uses a holistic approach and combines spirituality, scientific concepts, energy medicine, and nutrition in an approach that aligns spirit, soul and body, resulting in amazing breakthroughs for the people she ministers to. She holds a license in Pastoral Sciences and Medicine, and degrees in pastoral naturopathic medicine, theology, counseling, nutrition, naturopathic medicine.

Media Information for Mary's New Book:

Mirror Mirror What the Heck Happened?

Beyond the Looking Glass in Search for the Real YOU

"Mary has mastered an impressive variety of healing skills and helpful modalities. Her knowledge from many perspectives is profound and insightful. You will learn much from her book and will be taken as her friend to places you may never have explored, or ever even heard of, and be enriched by the journey with Mary as your wise and gentle guide. In this marvelously creative and insightful book you will learn about the total being that you are on all levels. You will learn the relationship between the many aspects of yourself—mind, body, spirit, soul, heart, gut, and brain. Through the biological, chemical, electrical, physical, and psychological aspects of our total “Self.”  David Stewart, PhD, DNM, Author of "Healing Oils of the Bible."

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"Are you ready to go deeper so that you can rise higher? Mary Oliver takes you on a journey of self-discovery by helping you explore aspects of yourself you’ve probably never considered before. Mary’s 30 years of experience as a pastoral and professional counselor and healer with a variety of therapeutic modalities, guides you on this journey of spirit, heart, soul and body, to discover the “What Happened.” She doesn’t leave you there, but helps you get on a path of empowerment as you go take a look in the mirror of your past experiences and transcend the unseen forces that may hold you back from living a life of passion and purpose." Kary Oberbrunner, author of The Elixir Project, Deeper Path and Your Secret Name.

What you might want to know to sound like you’ve read the book.

I am always excited to help people have the opportunity to raise their impact and influence in others’ lives. I am comfortable going with the flow in an interview.
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Mary Oliver

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What do you see when you look in the mirror? Not the mirror you look at in the morning that gives a reflection of your physical self, but the mirror of your internal being—soul and spirit. You reflect to others what you believe of yourself.

Your reflection is seen in everything you do, and others reflect back to you your conscious and subconscious beliefs. Your beliefs can be the unseen force that keeps you restricted in living life well until you find clarity of who your really are.

Mirror, Mirror, What the Heck Happened? will help you:

  • Understand how unhealed hurts of the heart, spirit, snd subconscious mind can sabotage your potential to live life well.
  • Identity possible generational threats that influence your life today and how to change them.
  • Explore the spiritual and personal gifts of God's design for you, and start living in the blessing He has for you.

Chapter Contents

Part 1
Mirror, Mirror, What the Heck Happened


Chapter 1
Spirit Talk
Who Keeps the Record Anyway?

Chapter 2
Your Secret Mind
The Power of Subconscious Memory

Chapter 3
Who Defines Me?
Am I Who They Say I Am?

Chapter 4
The Heart Attack
It Really Is a Matter Of Heart

Chapter 5
Spiral of Time
Stuck Brain Systems

Chapter 6
Your Body Tells the Story
Emotions and Your Organs

Chapter 7
Am I My Parents?
Generational Threats of Your DNA


Part 2
Who Are You?
You Really Ought To Know!


Chapter 8
Mirroring Excellence
Reflecting the Real You

Chapter 9
Collapse the Barriers
Putting off Your Invisible Boundaries

Chapter 10
Heal Your Emotions, Heal Your Body
Which Comes First, Your Body or Your Emotions?

Chapter 11
Discover Yourself
Your Family Tree

Chapter 12
Timeline Spiral
Healing Your Life Span and The Generations Before

Chapter 13
Your Perfect Day
Create Your Reality


Part 3
“I think I can Make It Now
The Pain is Gone”


Chapter 14
Understanding Your Body’s Energy Pathways

Chapter 15
Essential Oils
Raising Your Energy Levels

Chapter 16
Flower Essences and Homeopathies
Healing Cellular and Subconscious Memory Influencing Body and Emotions

Chapter 17
Color Therapy
How Color Influences You and Your Environment

Chapter 18
Sound Healing
Solfeggio Frequencies, Tuning Forks and Music

Chapter 19
Prayer and Meditation
Influencing Your Spirit and Heart

Questions you might ask:

Will you tell my audience about yourself?

The title grabbed my attention. Why did you write the book?

Who is this book for?

You speak of the personal spirit and engaging in the quantum realm as Christians because we are seated in heavenly places? Will you expand a little more on that?

What do you mean by the term "Secret Mind?"

In the chapter on "Who Defines You?" you bring up the term "unlived lives." What do you mean by that?

You also delve into subjects such as heart issues, stuck brain systems and how our body actually has emotional memories. Will you expand on this?

Generational Threats: What do you mean about that? Is it breaking curses or is there more to it?

In Part 2 or your book you give examples of healing and helping my audience search beyond the looking glass and see the true self. Will you share a few tips?

And Part 3—wow—you define energy medicine and give biblical, scientific and physiological examples of how the body and emotions respond to energy. Energy tools such as homeopathy, essential oils, color, sound and more. Will you expand on some of these?

Link to my resources page to experience binaural beats and instrumental solfeggio frequency meditation as mentioned in my book. And notice the graph for using the timeline spiral for healing memory.